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Montpelier Veterinary Hospital is truly a full-service animal clinic. We even perform genetic testing to better understand your pet. As a result, we can fine-tune your animal’s treatment plan to his exact needs.

Genetic Testing

Montpelier Veterinary Hospital - Genetic Testing

Genetic testing for pets has become an increasingly popular choice for animal lovers. If you are curious about the background and genetic makeup of your animal, DNA testing is a no-brainer. After one quick test, you will know exactly what makes your pet unique.

You probably know that different breeds have different strengths and weaknesses. DNA testing informs us of your pet’s breed makeup - which thereby allows us to create a custom health care plan.

Basically, the test results will tell us which diseases and injuries to watch out for. And if your pet is already suffering from a genetic condition, we’ll know that too. This information will also allow our team to make pet-specific dietary and exercise suggestions.

Unfortunately, DNA testing can’t be done overnight. But if you call our office today, you could have your pet’s genetic results within two to four weeks. We can’t wait to hear from you.

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