Boarding and Grooming



We offer boarding to our established clients.  We have a variety of cage sizes, as well as large dog runs for our larger patients, or if you want your smaller sized dog to have a larger area.  We also take great care of our feline friends, including keeping them in a separate area away from barking dogs.  Montpelier Veterinary Hospital specializes in medical boarding for our patients who may need medications, including insulin injections.  We provide the bedding,  food, and treats but feel free to bring  your pets’ own diet if they are on a special diet.  We give a complimentary bath to any boarders that stay for more than 7 days.

Montpelier Veterinary Hospital offers grooming, for example bathing, brushing out, including using a Furminator, lion cuts, complete shave downs, sanitary clips, mat removal, and much more. We can offer sedation if your pet is not happy with his/her “spa day”!

Montpelier Veterinary Hospital would love to have your pet(s) come stay with us and/or have a “spa day” with us!  See you soon!

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