Meet The Staff!

Veterinary Receptionist

Amanda and her dog Sophie

Amanda has been with Montpelier Veterinary Hospital since 2010.  She graduated from James Madison University in 2010.  She takes good care of and enjoys interacting with our fabulous clientele.  In her free time, she enjoys playing with her dogs, Sophie and Lexi.



Veterinary Receptionist


Linda has been with us since July 2013.  She came with a lot of receptionist experience, not to mention she seems to know everyone in the Montpelier area!  She works part-time in the afternoons so come by and say hello!


 Licensed Veterinary Technician

Stacey with her dog Denny

Stacey has been with Montpelier Veterinary Hospital since 2008.  She is from New York and graduated from Technician school in 2005.  Stacey has gotten to know our clients very well and enjoys seeing them and helping them do what’s best for their pets.  She has a GIGANTIC Bullmastiff named Denny, that keeps her very busy outside of work.





                                                                                   Licensed Veterinary Technician

IMG_7613                                      Sarah-Jane with Sam the Cat

Sarah-Jane is our newest Licensed Veterinary Technician.  She has been a LVT since 2008 so she comes to MVH with a lot of experience.  She has a special love for cats, so you will know your cat is getting special attention when Sarah-Jane is around!  When she’s not at work she enjoys taking long walks on the beach with her cats and her daughter!  :)


Veterinary Assistant

Anna with “Pickle” Neviaser

Anna is one of our part-time veterinary assistants.

She is always smiling and super enthusiastic!

She is also very eager to learn everything there is to know about veterinary medicine!

Veterinary Assistant


Mindy joins our team with 4 years of veterinary experience!  She is compassionate about animals! She takes great care of our patients.



Veterinary Assistant

John with one of our boarders, Annie

John has been with Montpelier Veterinary Hospital since 2011.  He is currently attending VCU.  We are hoping he will pursue a career in veterinary medicine!  He helps out a lot on school holidays and during the summer.  He has become well known to our regular boarding dogs and cats.


Veterinary Assistant

Katie with a stray Beagle that a nice client is taking care of

Katie has been with Montpelier Veterinary Hospital since December 2012.  Katie has a lot of horse experience but she has quickly learned all about dogs and cats and is a great assistant!  She is always happy to give our patients extra love, including extra playtime and Frosty Paws!